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Studio StyleCookie
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Studio StyleCookie

We collect images for tailormade trends and inspiration boards and make concept & images by ourselves for commissioned advertisement, magazines and the internet. 

We are a creative studio specialising in photoproductions, photography, art direction, concept, branding, styling and crossbreeding inspiration.

we are Holland based, but we can travel anywere!

History &

We started 15 years ago, working for different magazines in fashion and interior as stylist and photographer.

In 2009 we started Studio StyleCookie and worked for clients like Flexa, Engel., Blemish, De oude Speelkamer, Studio Ditte, Onszelf etc.

In 2010 we started with an online shopping window for Webshops. We turned it to an online Trendblog a year ago. We discovered last year that we have to fit in an on demand society.

So from now on (2017) we will start with StyleCookie 2.0 and are going to offer you Tailor Made Trends on Let's stay in touch.

Unique Pieces Shop

Our Unique Pieces Shop is originated from our trend thema last January 2016. A lot of brands offers you the same kind of stuff. They all have the same inspirations. They're not unique anymore. 

Items from designers are beautiful and unique but too expensive for most of us. In the ateliers there are a lot of beautiful items, not good enough for real production maybe, but beautiful. Sometimes the wrong color, or maybe an little crack in a plate, but still really beautiful. Really Unique Pieces! 

We love to find beautiful treasures on flee markets or in old places. These treasures will be used in our sets but after the production we can share them with you. Also Unique Pieces! 

We like to show you how beautiful things are, items with there own unique character . In our Unique Pieces Shop we will show you beautiful items, often used in photography but from this moment for sale!